Part VII: Configuring Rational Integration Tester Platform Pack

Set up the HTTP/TCP Proxy for use with HTTP or HTTPS

By default, the Rational Test Control Panel (RTCP) installation listens for proxy registration on port 7819.

However, if you are setting up http and tcp for HTTPS, you will need modify the registration.xml file. To modify the registration.xml file you must change a directory to

       cd /opt/IBM/RIT-Platform/httptcp

Then modify the proxy’s configuration file registration.xml>> Save >> Restart your server.

For a details information regarding the server configuration settings to setup HTTP/TCP Proxy to provide support to HTTP and HTTPS, please refer to Server Setting Documentation Server Setting Documentation



Part VI: Configuring Rational Integration Tester Control Panel (RTCP)

“IBM Rational Test Control Panel provides a centralized repository for virtual services and a management dashboard that allows you to create, share, and deploy virtualized test environments. It manages instances of the IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent and the technology-specific components in the IBM Rational Integration Tester Platform Pack.” — Rational Test Virtualization Server overview documentation

“During the installation of IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent, the agent is configured to register with Rational Test Control Panel instances so that they are available for stubs and/or running scheduled tests. (For information about installing Rational Integration Tester Agent, refer to IBM Rational Integration Tester Agent Installation Guide.) However, after the installation of the Rational Integration Tester Agent, if want to change the configuration of the agent (for example, you may need to change the URL of the Rational Test Control Panel instance with which the agent is registered), you must edit the Agent.config file manually after installation.”– Configuring Rational Test Control Panel

In order to make my life easier while I was creating a response file for Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT) I have created a RIT Agent’s response file to register with the Rational Test Control Panel instance using the following URL


In addition, I also chosen to have my Rational Integration Agent (RITA) to be installed with the IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server. When the silent installation of the RITA is completed. I pretty much also finished configuring my RITS agent with the Rational Test Control Panel (RTCP) all at once.

However, if you are using the Rational Performance Tester and you want to have your RIT Agent to be installed with IBM Rational Performance Tester Server. The following section in the RITA8.5.xml file will have to be modified and changed from ‘rtvs’ to ‘rtps’

         <data key=’user.licenseOption,’ value=’rtvs’/>