Part V: Configuring Rational Integration Tester Agent

  1. Review installed itemsThe following are the example of the typical directories are created an populated under the installation directory RITagent
  1. Verify the storage of user filesRational Integration Tester Agents will create a .rit8 in the user’s home directory to store project and it’s configuration information. In a successful installation of the RIT you will typically see the .rit8 in the user home directory (IE: /home/user-name/.rit8) with the following configuration for the library manager settings, recently used project lists, individual project details, project workspace properties and schema propertieslsrit8
  1. Running Integration tester Agent on LINUX/UNIXThere are two ways to run the Rational Integration tester Agent
    1. Run the agent script in the top-levl of the installation directory
    2. Run the agent as a service by including the scrip to be included in an init script that runs at boot time

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